Birkin never went to Guantanamo, he collaborated with the official court sketch artist to show that the US government cared more about the wildlife than the prisoners. But I bet you won’t post this since it proves you’re just a liar. How many pair of pants did you burn down when you wrote your diffamatory post?


This is hilarious…it reminds me of that line in Grosse Pointe Blank in the cafe about arguing over semantics. But David, you might want not want to be so obvious next time…Ciao

Oh, David’s been to a lot of places and once you look at his “art” you realize what a shoddy cover for his real job it truly is. Assets like him won’t admit what they are despite having all the tells. I mean, he’s only marginally more subtle than his brain-damaged cousin. Despite his nondescript appearance he’s a sadistic POS masquerading as a fauxmanitarian, just ask Eloise why they divorced…

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