Stupid things people say to someone with PTSD/C-PTSD

  • It’s in the past, just move on
  • Isn’t that something only soldiers/war veterans get?
  • Oh come on! It wasn’t that bad
  • It’s not like you went to war though
  • Stop dwelling on ancient history
  • Just try to take your mind off of it, you will be fine
  • Are you sure you have PTSD/C-PTSD?
  • Stop using it as an excuse
  • Awww you got triggered? Stop being so sensitive
  • You don’t seem like you have PTSD
  • C-PTSD doesn’t exist, you are just being dramatic
  • Only veterans can get PTSD. Your trauma isn’t that bad
  • What did you expect if you (insert any victim blaming comment you can think of)?
  • Get over it
  • It’s all in you head

Got any more?

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