Ben is right handed, so he wears his watch on his left wrist. Which is also the hand where you wear your wedding band. That’s why you can see his ring on the pictures. It isn’t done just to annoy tinhats like you. That ring really does bother you doesn’t it? But please, tell us again that you aren’t mad Ben got married without consulting you first.


Okay, fuck face, first of all, no one said it was to annoy skeptics. No one is blaming Benedict for this shoot. We are saying that it is BAD MARKETING to showcase a wedding ring more than the actual watch you are trying to sell. Married folks lose the ring for ads, all the time. Especially if they are trying to sell other jewelry.

Except Ben didn’t because the sham isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on seeing as how it’s voidable on multiple grounds. Harvey didn’t ask him what he thought when he put the misspelled ad in the Times either, this shitshow was originally his idea. We know this photo with the Polaris was taken a while ago along with the Reverso ones but even those were better. You know you need a PR intervention when a professional Brand Manager points out the same exact branding issue that we have🤦‍♀️…

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