T.O.You can draw a straight line between British films and Trump. Weinstein mixing with all of their society, being friends with Geffen who is friends with the producer of TMZ and has used it to leak stuff, and the producer being mentioned by ENTY bragging about having Trump on speed dial. I have noticed more patterns that the various Lavender mafias and white supremacists are entwined. They have a lot in common. They both hold a lot of mysoginy ala Ellen…and abuse.



Nice try but as corrupt as many Humanists like Cheeto are the links between the Globalist Dems, RINOs and the MEGA Group (Wexner/Bronfman) are far more extensive. You’ll find that both the Kosher Nostra and literal Nazis run the show. Liberal spooks in DC work hand in hand with sick bastards like James (Rothschild) Alefantis. Even Uber Liberal Ellen is a fucking Rockefeller, I think this lays it all out rather well:

The power struggle you see playing out is between Humanists (Right) VS Globalists (Left). You’ll see them promote causes that reflect their differing political inclinations. Globalists are all about using LGBTQ people and CRT to sow division amongst the proletariat, this is a tactic devised by Alinsky whom Killary idolizes. Harvey Weinstein was remarkably loyal to the DNC as is David Geffen, the Lavender Godfather himself. Honeytrap hoes like Maggot and SoFail are little more than expendable patsies…

John McAfee was a Humanist so his death must be making many Globalists panic because of the dirt that will now come to light. Unfortunately, that also means that the likelihood of major False Flags just went WAY up.

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