Into the Rabbit Hole…hold on to your hair!


From Anons:

  • Tony Podesta put on a show at Whitechapel Gallery featuring most of his Marina Abramovic collection. Think about that for a second. Tony Podesta is shipping Marina Abramovic’s art (which includes “simulated” blood and organs) to this gallery, a stopover for the elite in a neighborhood known for bizarre murders.
  • A lot of old articles show Rothschild linked artists partying with underage models. The homeless shelter at King’s Cross. Founded by London banker crony Lord Longford, helped cover up Jimmy Savile rapes. Now it gets interesting because Channel 4’s Jon Snow then joins as director. Snow has a friend called Javier Moncada who was the shadow general of an Elaborate Salvadoran death squad and were involved in the rural genocides there. It’s called New Horizons and is funded by Tavistock charity-megacorp Wellcome Trust, the trust contains many archived items about The Lucis Trust and are involved in “Hair-like” events when they occur. They are also linked to Liz Manningham-Buller who was former head of MI6, and they appear to run a shadow government thru the Royal Institute for International Affairs, which run the Council on Foreign Relations. Thus leading to Politics and Prose by Comet Ping Pong, the hangout for Council types and liberal CIA spooks. Comet is likely run by London bankers through the TATE Mafia. In fact, the restaurant once boasted it was TATE themed. Jillian Sackler is a high up member of this group, Tony Podesta of course. Their likely base of operations is varied but The Brooklyn Museum, Hirschhorn Gallery and MOMA are all linked to the larger group through Royal Society art initiatives. The racket involves shipping and serving the ultrarich. Arpad Busson and ark work directly with the Wellcome Trust. Contemporary art galleries often have creative ‘boutique’ hotels they run package deals with (ie you traveled FOR the art gallery. MOCA Geffen in LA works with Standard Hotel who have a conspicuous ping pong room and heavily insinuate occult symbolism.
  • Dasha Zhukova, Abramovich’s (ex?)-wife had a rendezvous with Leonardo DiCaprio if you google search them together. This is particularly interesting because her father (Zhukov) financed the transportation of diamonds via Odessa Mafia types back in the late 90s. It may be beneficial for them to pry into court records relating to the Naomi Campbell/Charles Taylor trial because she is also a supporter of the Leo DiCaprio foundation. I don’t think I have to spell it out for you-blood diamonds are traded in Hollywood and Leo DiCaprio’s movie of the same name was actually a tell-THEY were the rich bastards with the diamonds. Dasha Zhukova also runs Garage Contemporary in Russia, which has done exchanges with the Tate. I’m suggesting this because it may see more daylight than the regular lurid stories unearthed here. Her flight movements can be tracked and customs informed that she has a history of cocaine use and distribution. What is the larger game with using b-list West Enders in this ring? It seems neither inconspicuous nor protectable. And what was Weinstein’s game here, given that he pushed this in London?

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