Further down the Rabbit Hole…


From Anons:

  • Wellcome Trust + Broad Foundation + Sanger Institute is what I’ve id’d to be Tavistock. Weirdly enough, Alefantis’ Bucks fishing and camping says ‘Well Come" on the front doors. Also, Hastert and LA. Hastert and Alefantis were in same nonpartisan PAC hosted by Tony Podesta, just at different times. Likely cannibalism and Pedo shit.
  • Look up the movie Weinstein made with Spielberg and Clinton and crony Victor Pinchuk in Ukraine. The group known as DEN (Geffen, Spielberg, Katzenberg) are criminals and the Ukrainian is a trafficker that ships kids with art from Donetsk to Los Angeles. You are right on the money with Weinstein.
  • Look for any parties involving Russians, Ukrainians, Anti-Aids charities, galas involving the words “eye”, “vision”, “visionary ball”, “wink”, “red”, names like “hearts for life”. Global ring tied to AIDS foundations and billionaire Russians/Ukrainians. Also, Henry Boxer gallery, Wellcome Institute, Whitechapel gallery.

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