What screams even more staged to me is that neither MF or “totes-real gf” are wearing masks, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic for f-ck’s sake, wear one! But of course they need to make sure they look “photo-ready” for those paid-for paps! MF is even looking straight at the camera a la BC and “the woman he married”. So intimate, much staged, totes “casual date”.


Maybe he took lessons from Benedict?

We rarely if ever saw that with Amanda so it’s a bit worrying. The problem with this new chick is that while she is a professional actress she’s desperately trying to break into the industry. At 28 she’s still wet behind the ears and thirsty though TBH I thought she was quite a bit older. They are both hoping to get a career boost out of this staged outing but I daresay Martin has a lot more to lose and I have my reservations about her “unveiling”. Spontaneous looking photos at some park or a private event would have been more appropriate. Celebs tend to do much better when they pair up with down-to-earth civilians who aren’t trying to steal the spotlight…

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