“Nothing will get better until residents recognize the problem and do something about it …” LOL That’s the problem. Facing challenges, admitting them and working on improvement are not easy. It takes a collective effort to make things better. Many people prefer to show a middle finger to everyone around and LEAVE. Okay! What’s next? Going to a better place and making that one just like NY, LA, and SF? King Newsom was asked a question about the homeless population since he issues a curfew – 1

Our leadership sucks ass, so we have to get rid of them through a recall, voting them out or whatever legal means necessary. Then elect qualified leaders and coordinate with them via City Hall etc meetings. It’s certainly hard work but it can and should be done. We shouldn’t let a relatively small bunch of yahoos ruin things for everybody else. In the event that you give up and move to a place where people do have their act together? Show some respect and common sense by leaving your dysfunctional politics behind.

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