That wasn’t a witty comeback, it’s a statement of fact. You are well and truly one of the dumbest person I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. If you want to invent a false narrative, you have to at least make it credible. Something you’ve never been able to do because you’re unable to do proper reasearch due to your lack of common sense and intelligence.

That’s people, I know English isn’t your first language but you aren’t putting in any effort. Witless is what you are and this is truly one of the most pathetic attempts at gaslighting that I have ever seen. The footage doesn’t lie and neither have multiple eye-witnesses. False narratives are your speciality and you wouldn’t know what factual means if it bit you in the ass. I know that you are upset because what is being revealed puts your stupid con in jeopardy. It’s so much easier to blame little ol’ me for everything rather than admit that exposing you has been a team effort all along. You should know that people in the Industry have been talking about this from the beginning and that outfits like the Rat only hire the best. Face it, you showed your hand, the truth is out and many now hate you for what you’ve done. Just wait until they find out what you are

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