Flabbergasm on time




I don’t get it.  What makes a watch worth $17,000?  Does it tell time better than a $23 Timex?  

And how does someone who used to advocate for aiding refugees, and who continually discusses living “cruelty free” by diet and clothing choices reconcile shilling a watch that costs more than most people on the planet make in a lifetime?

And how ridiculous is the ad campaign to show off the pared down lifestyle- living in a hut, meditating at sunset- with the product being a watch that costs more than many people’s yearly rent?

I just don’t get it.  I don’t LIKE it and I don’t GET it.  And it makes me sad.

Sorry, y’all.  I got the price wrong.  It isn’t $17,000USD.

It’s $27,300 AUD (Australian)

Which makes it $19,616.96 USD.

Fucking ridiculous.

Benedict’s so ‘umble dontchaknow. I get that he’s just BAing but the target demographic for those watches isn’t exactly into comic book movies. This posho ad campaign alienates the very people who are

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