Oh, so now you admit Ben was at the wedding. Funny, that’s not what you were saying yesterday. It’s really hard for you to admit you’re wrong isn’t it? But that’s not very surprising, narcissists like you rarely do.


Umm, no. Reading comprehension, remember? I did say that I thought all the details were wonky…oh and check the website for that boat tour…they only operate certain days of the week. And none of them are the same day as that wedding. They may have done a private outing for the wedding, but it sure looked like BC was lonely and sad…so maybe he really DID attend a funeral and not a wedding the day that snapped?

It runs Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. Does this mean the wedding took place on 9/12 after all? You can’t just dock anywhere, you’d still get off at Richmond and then walk 45 minutes to Twickenham. You’d sweat like a pig and, given the area, it’s not advisable for safety reasons either. You could also hire 15+ taxis as each will only take 1-2 passengers because of COVID19 restrictions. Oh and the most important detail? That suit? Is not what you would wear to a wedding, especially not if you are an A-Lister giving a speech. Back to square one and no PR cigar! Unless of course *someone* just decided to take the piss because Richmond and Chiswick. I see what you’re doing…

PS: Why does Benedict’s head look like it’s Copy-pasted on? There’s a dark artifact ring around his collar. That’s the second time I see something like that, the first was in his most recent video 🤔.

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