Interesting Theory

Has anyone ever looked into the possibility that Prince Andrew was actually running the operation for MI6? Ghislaine Maxwell ran the girls and reported to Prince Andrew. If Epstein worked for Maxwell, the Prince would show up to monitor the op and to lure upper-class marks that could not be lured by Epstein. When everything started to fall apart it was thought best to hide Britain’s involvement by having the Prince behave as if he was only a blackmail victim rather than the one connecting the op to England’s intelligence service. We must remember that what we see is the aftermath of an intelligence op failure and that there would be moves to obfuscate those who are seen as publicly involved and those who might be implicated as being the power behind what happened.

The question I have for that Anon is who in turn was pulling Andy’s strings? The Roths? I mean he apparently isn’t Phillip’s son but rather the product of an affair between Queen Elizabeth and Lord Porchester. That might explain his disloyalty to his own family…

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