‘Fidgeting’ Prince Harry looked ‘uncomfortable’ on video call



Do you know if you noticed that in these the thing with Greta Thurbers and in this video now and I think in one more I thought we call Harry swearing when he was doing any sort of public speaking and not at that it’s a big swear, but he I can’t recall hear him saying this phrase a hell of a lot a hell of a lot previously in public speaking.  It seems to me like it’s a recording like the tone is the same and why are they pixelated when everyone else in the zoom conversation is crystal clear you’re not out of focus when they’re talking there I am going up one way like she’s got him jump right to the far left of the TV and there’s a good 6 inches of screen that’s empty and it’s like she’s in the centre of the screen and they’ve Your stand why he’s so pixelated and she’s she’s this is all just wonky it’s just all wonky craziness.!

GSTQAOBC 🇨🇦🇬🇧🇦🇺🇳🇿

Lots of video editing software out there PG. Lots of people also saying that video software has been used (allegedly) to make it appear they are together in this video. I see PHs words not matching up to when he speaks, the brown eyes are back and at times his hair melts into the background and her shoulder melts into his shirt. Not crazy. A deliberate attempt to mislead – all allusions and kabuki theatre again

Alexandra Grant got caught pulling a similar stunt, it’s the SoHoe MO…

‘Fidgeting’ Prince Harry looked ‘uncomfortable’ on video call

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