My funny _____, funny you are always posting pictures of wolves, and now you mention Lupercus. Don’t worry that you’ll never have a Valentine Day. And if it existed he wouldn’t pay attention to you. I started thinking like you. Any person with the same surname must be related, like the McGuinness’. So, I came to the conclusion you are surely a relative of El Chapo, both Mexicans, both _____, narcissistic and very disgusting. Also, I’m sure you are a narco. You are projecting as always.

Look, I know you’re mad because you got caught. I post pictures of wolves because I like them and the Iberian wolf also happens to be my heraldic charge. You are getting Lupercus confused with Lupa BTW. Lupercus hunted wolves and was another name for Faunus who was the Roman version of the Greek god Pan. Some Satanic cults like the ones SoFail and her little friends are into incorporate neo-pagan elements as well, Nordic and Greco-Roman ones in particular. Why Northern Italy? Does Nemi ring a bell? As an aside the McGuinnesses are a prominent and influential family in Ireland, I’m sure it’s a coincidence that Rachel Chandler and Cillian Murphy married fellow cultists. As for me being related to him? Only very distantly because that Surname is quite rare and his family is from a different state. He may be Mexican but as an abhorrent psychopath and trafficker SoFail has far more in common with him than I do. WTF does she gets her drugs if not from other narcos like herself? I’m not into that shit.

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