Look at you, showing your antisemitic ass again. Did you wear your MAGA hat when you made that post about Diana? Oh no wait, it probably was your swastika armband. You truly are a disgusting human being. No wonder no ones love you, you’re unlovable.

Excuse me? That was an Anon submission and it is clear that Diana was a victim of an extremely evil group of people. You are an ass alright, Ashkenazim are not Semitic and more importantly? Sabbatean-Frankists are not real Jews, they hate anyone who follows Torah! In fact, Jewish leaders ex-communicated all Sabbatean-Frankists over 250 years ago calling them “bastards unto the 10th generation”. So take your fake outrage, put it in your crack pipe and smoke it. Love? LMAO, you don’t know the meaning of the word! Only loathsome subhuman Morlocks act like you do…

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