The Invisible Bistro

By Anonymousgate

So this “restaurant franchise” called Joseph’s Bistro Restaurant and Sports bar supposedly has 23,159 locations nationwide. Just to put it in perspective, McDonald’s has 14,233 locations, and Burger King has 7,277 locations nationwide. When you start to look at the locations of these “restaurants” you will find that they are absolutely everywhere, in apartment buildings, office complexes, malls, law offices, medical establishments, etc.

Here you can look for yourself to see if there are any so-called “Joseph’s” franchises in your town.

All of the locations list as their company website, which is really for a chiropractic office in Maryland. The website directs to a chiropractor with Clinton administration ties named Ron Hendrickson, who also happens to be Deputy Executive Director of ICA, International Chiropractors Association.

In my own town, there were dozens of these Joseph’s locations. Some had hours posted, but the schedules are so bizarre there’s no way it could be a real establishment, such as “Open Thursdays 11:30am – 12:30pm” and other ridiculous times. None of the locations I looked at had anything to do with a restaurant called Joseph’s.

Upon investigation, I found a review of an actual Joseph’s Bistro

The reviewer apparently ate at the Westminster, Massachusetts location, which matches up with the hours guide website results.

After a Maps search, I found the supposed location of the restaurant, though it looks to be a house that has never been used for such a purpose. [EDIT: Someone corrected me, it was in not the building previously linked, but the dunkin donuts/subway/“young at heart” yoga studio right behind. Here’s an article about the restaurant closing, which only raises more questions as they claim to only have had 2 locations.]

Interestingly enough, the food that was reviewed has absolutely nothing do with Joseph’s listed “menu” which is high-end Italian themed. Bernie, the reviewer, ate buffalo wings and biscuits. At first glance you would think that it is simply a different restaurant, however, the logo, location, and telephone number used in the review proves that it is, in fact, the same establishment. Looked into the reviewer Bernie Whitmore, and found some reviews for restaurants that no longer exist. Granted, these are old reviews and that is not enough cause for concern.

Though there are multiple reviews by him that also seem genuine, there’s still some bizarre ones. The website linked to this article goes to an asian beauty website. Maybe we can ask Bernie some questions about the location?

Just noticed there’s a HUGE volume of these “Joseph’s” in Beverly Hills, 54 locations, to be exact. Clearly, this has to do with high-ranking, wealthy elites. I’ve just put together a map with all the locations in Beverly Hills alone. Many of the locations are in the same building or have no listed address, which is why there are only 44 pins.

Everywhere I look I find tons of these Joseph’s locations. 797 in NYC , 88 in SF, 240 in Chicago, 234 in DC, and 270 in LA, which is a separate number from Beverly Hills. There appears to be a second bistro that is genuine, Joseph’s Italian Bistro. I cross-checked the directory and this restaurant is among the 23,000 listed on the hours guide website, so I decided to include it here. The menu is similar but not quite the same to the menu listed on the directory.

Someone found another “chain” of restaurants called “Frank’s Franks”. It has 17,574 locations in the US, another huge number. The addresses also link to bizarre locations, just like all the Joseph’s. It also has a website that leads to nothing. We all know that the code word “hot dog” is heavily tied to pedogate. This shows that it’s less likely this is a glitch or error, and that more than likely it’s some sort of secretive scheme.

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