Re the tweet video w Zoe Saldana:

I feel I must say the following. I’m not blaming anyone in particular. I dont have enuf information to consider causal events. I know this: Mr Cumberbatch is highly agitated/anxious to the point where he will start doing and/or saying things that others find inappropriate, trying to release and communicate his fears and looking for someone to intervene. If Disney doesnt either medicate him aggressively and remove him from the present circumstances, or relieve the source of the anxiety completely, he will decompensate into psychosis. My guess (and it is a guess) is that he requires time, treatment and therapy. Imo he is right on the edge. If Disney has mental health consultants, they need to step in quickly. I’m assuming ur hoping he’ll hold it together for the premieres. Some people do not fully recover from a psychotic condition. I’m speaking as a psychiatric nurse. Watching this man decompensate, for me, is excrutiating. Something needs to be done.

I’m NOT a professional, but even I see something is really not right.

Maybe we should all write and tweet #SaveDrStrange to NAMI. If y’all don’t do something to help this poor man ASAP you will burn in PR hell for it, mark my words 😠…

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