Do you think Karon knows too much for Ben to let her go despite her being not terribly good at her job? Do you think she’d ever be malicious enough to “out” him for a price? I’ve never known quite what to think of her since Zero came on the scene, and she walked her into the theatre in her orange dress!


Honestly? I have no idea what to think about Karon. I was highly suspicious of her for the Hamlet Press Night thing…but she may have been trying to help, just doing a shitty job of it.

Don’t get me started on Kowron 🙄…Ben needs an entirely new team. The one he has now is absolutely awful and disloyal. I have a question for the lot of them: Who the fuck is the celebrity client here? That’s right: Benedict. Why do you enable SoFail and pressure him to cooperate with her to his detriment instead of shutting her down? Y’all even style him like shit…

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