Ghislaine Maxwell Cites Mueller Report In Court Petition To Keep Epstein Records Sealed

by Vindicator

“…If this Court concludes that Secretary Acosta’s testimony is somehow relevant to the appeal, it should also consider Attorney General William Barr’s testimony regarding his intended redactions to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report. Attorney General Barr notified the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee that he intends to redact from the public report “information that implicates the privacy or reputational interests of peripheral third parties who were not charged.” 

The privacy and reputational interestsof peripheral third parties are at stake in this case as well. These individuals provided highly sensitive, private, and embarrassing testimonyin reliance on the protective order and Ms. Giuffre’s assurance of confidentiality.”

“This appeal concerns whether to unseal a summary judgment ruling and related materials. Ms. Maxwell now contends that her position is supported by Attorney General William Barr’s recent testimony that he plans to redact from the soon-to-be-released public version of the Mueller Report “information that implicates the privacy or reputational interests of peripheral third parties who were not charged.” The Attorney General’s testimony actually supports Ms. Giuffre’s position that the materials at issue here should be unsealed.”


Well…it is pretty widely acknowledged that Ghislaine Maxwell was an active procuress of underage girls for Epstein. In fact, the then 15 year old Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre) was working at Trump’s club in Palm Beach when Maxwell successfully recruited her to give ‘massages’ to Epstein. She – GM – is standing to the right in that famous, often cropped picture of a young Virgina Roberts and ol’ Randy Andy his royal self. In case you are unaware, based only on Ghislaine’s father’s history distributing the pilfered PROMIS software around the world, GM was obviously working for an intelligence organization to get extreme blackmail material on numerous prominent people.

There is a book on Robert Maxwell’s activities titled ‘Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy’ describing his work. FWIW, if you do a Google image search of the several e-pictures surrounding the Madeleine McCann abduction, a certain short, dark-haired, beady-eyed female may look a little familiar. Jes sayin’…

Well, for one thing, Maxwell is one of the two parties trying to keep that stuff sealed.The other interesting thing is that Mueller’s redactions would be for classified matters of national security/state secrets/ongoing investigations. The fact that her attorneys are trying to make a case for the two situations being equivalent is interesting. I heard the report will be pretty heavily redacted. I do remember that whenever we saw redacted emails and such there were those experts that were really good at filling in the blanks. Any hope that we will be able to decipher some take outs? Can’t wait for them to be released with or without. If she is fighting to keep anything out, well then it must be something really incriminating. Possibly JE and BC are sweating right now. If she gets her way some big money was paid or some secrets were erased.

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