Your whole “I’m not a racist” thing would be a lot more credible if you denounced white nationalists from time to time. So far, you still haven’t called out the guy who killed all those innocent people in NZ. You just posted conspiracy theories about it. So yeah, you’re a fucking racist. And a complete lunatic.

LOL, lunacy is not questioning MSM which has degraded into little more than an agitprop mill. I’m hardly the only person asking questions about the numerous inconsistencies in the official story BTW:

If that Mosque leader is right? This so-called ‘white supremacist’ was another useful idiot working for subversive Intel along with his 3 accomplices. He displayed advanced combat capabilities in addition to possessing military grade weapons. In the end who benefited from this tragedy? Transcinda became a saint and pushed for more gun control, mission accomplished. What did Madeline Albright say? “We think the price is worth it.” Please, what are the deaths of 50 more poor brown people to war profiteers and pedovores? I’m a woman of mixed NA heritage that has spoken out against eurocentrism and racism many times. The proof is in my Archives, go read through them instead of talking out of your arse.

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