Mother Claims Her 8 Year Old Child Is Being Sex Trafficked By NXIVM To The Elite

By notdivided

A woman at the NXIVM Symposium spoke out publicly that her daughter was taken by NXIVM and is being held as a sex slave in Wisconsin. The mother was involved with a man who worked in cybersecurity for the government and was involved in the “backend operations” of NXIVM. She said he has abilities and access to able to alter medical records and has changed the daughter’s record to show he is her father. She emphasized that these operations continue today despite the ongoing legal cases. She says her name at one point but I cannot make it out, the audio is bad, it would be great if someone could make a transcript.

It is unclear to me if this mother is the same as the mother in blue that interrupts the hearing and also claims that a child was kidnapped and is being held for sex trafficking and that she herself was raped in the last week in order to intimidate her to stay silent.

I made a link post earlier that was deleted. Here are the comments that were made to the post before it was deleted:

I believe both women on that stage were there to distract from the child trafficking aspect of NXIVM. Raniere’s so-called ex-girlfriend played the part of enabler saying we should have sympathy for the women who got involved because many came from dysfunctional backgrounds while Catherine Oxenberg focused on her adult daughter who is involved with the cult and who she says was ‘brainwashed’. She was there to sell her book. The genuine ones were the mother and daughter who approached the lawyers and press after the talk to try and highlight the case of the young girl who has allegedly been taken. I don’t trust Oxenberg…

New York, 1992: If you’re a bright-eyed 18-year-old gay college boy invited by your mid-twenties boyfriend to the birthday party (at a private midtown Manhattan club) of an aging counter-culture celebrity hero who popularized/invented/manufactured something still very much in use today hosted by a female member of the former Yugoslav Royal Family, you realize in retrospect that that was the case for three reasons: 1) PR, as in the kids of the new generation, just like the last, are hip to him 2) Plausible deniability vis a vis the teen girls in attendance (related to #1 but also because if they’re only one sex some people might raise eyebrows – also note the death of a 17 year old girl in his midst, a few decades earlier and 3) To be “available” for the older, powerful closeted gay men in attendance.

Aging counter-culture celebrity hero: Timothy Leary (LSD)

Female member of the former Yugoslav Royal Family: Catherine Oxenberg

Death of a 17-year-old girl: Charlene Renee Almeida

Oxenburg story: Royalty, connected, actress, marries a Jew, member of a huge charity for abused children (aren’t they all) involved with drugs and initiates her daughter into the club. Then after she’s caught writes a book and capitalizes off the drama.

Dave McGowan in his Laurel Canyon piece which connects closely to his book on Serial Killers found this type of profile is all too common amongst the elite sex traffickers. Weird scenes from the canyon

Would be interesting to see who else was an ambassador for this charity and what their connections to pedophilia are…

Remember Sandy Hook, Newtown? Connections with NXIVM, Cerberus/Dyncorp, the Lucis Trust, and United Nations Agenda 21. Yup, looks like they’re all connected…

Just like the girl who is suing the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints for blindfolded ritual sexual abuse in Arizona. The actors we’ve seen associated with fake events have been pure and utter shyte. This lady is one hell of an actor or, as I personally believe, is completely legitimate in her allegations. He says there was a lot of talk about cyber hacking. Jeffrey Epstein is also deeply embedded in the tech industry and government organizations.

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