Smollett Case, Child Trafficking Agent Greg Wing, Tock LLC’S Restaurant Mobile App, Standard Hotel Mobile App For Ordering Tables, Hotel Rooms and Maybe…Something Else?

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Amazing Polly’s video starts with some clips of FBI Special Agent Greg Wing talking about the connection between Chicago and Hollywood in terms of prostitution and trafficking rings. Wing says that 80% of the business is now online. ‘People get out their smartphones and order victims’. Then she moves on to a Q post from April 20th 2018 about Allison Mack, the Standard Hotel and TOCK LLC:

The Quest to Topple OpenTable:

Earlier this month, superstar restaurateur Danny Meyer’s New York City-based Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) announced it would move all of its restaurants over to online reservations platform Resy by early 2019. But USHG’s perennially popular Gramercy Tavern has long used OpenTable, as has pasta destination Maialino, which opened in 2009.

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Aby Rosen of the CORE Club buys the Chrysler Building. He also owns the Gramercy Park Hotel, home to Maialino restaurant. What’s that about a Podesta email and AMGEN?

(connections: Danny Meyer, Obama, Alice Waters of Edible Schoolyards, Rosen, NXIVM, SPiN, Brightest Young Things, Alefantis…)

-the article continues…

Then there’s Tock: Launched in early 2015 and co-owned by Chicago restaurateur Nick Kokonas (Alinea, Next), it led the charge on selling pre-paid “tickets” for high-end tasting menus at restaurants like Next and the French Laundry. Tock offers two different plans for restaurants: The first is $199 per month plus a three percent fee for prepaid reservations, or a flat $699 per month. Tock has more than 2 million users signed up and says it has been utilized by more than 800 restaurants, wineries, and pop-ups, while its restaurant subscriber base has grown nearly 200 percent over the past year.

Amazing Polly wonders if something else can be ordered on TOCK’s app…

Interesting because while doing some research for pizzagate, I recently came across an interview with Aby Rosen where these type of apps was mentioned and I wondered the same thing. Then there’s a similar app for hotel rooms…

Standard Hotel parent company Standard International has a similar app for hotel rooms. The Standard Hotel is unique in that one can rent a room for a few hours…:

“The night begins at 3pm.” At least that’s what One Night claims, their tagline directly supporting their model of only offering same-day bookings. The app’s beautifully image-driven interface and assortment of enticing luxury hotels bears a similar air to HotelTonight, though their offering of hotels is considerably more curated. What’s the reason for the stricter curation? One Night is operated by Standard International, the parent behind the trendy Standard Hotels, and their selection shows it. On top of all the Standard properties, One Night has hand-selected other properties based on their approach to design and lifestyle experiences, resulting in user experience that’s deliberately limited yet highly appealing. If you like what you get at One Night hotel – perhaps SIXTY SoHo, pictured above – you’ll probably like what you get from all of them. Though their properties are currently only available in Austin, LA, Miami and New York, One Night assures they’ll be adding more cities throughout the year.

Standard Hotels Spins Off One Night Booking App: Travel Startup Funding This Week

One Night, a mobile app for same-day bookings at independent hotels, has raised $5 million in Series A funding. The app offers stays at more than 200 hotels in 15 U.S. cities, plus in London[1] and Bangkok.

Swan and Legend, a venture capital firm, led the round.

This is the first external venture investment in the business. Hotel company Standard International incubated the business and provided the initial capital. Now Standard Hotels has spun off One Night, with Jimmy Suh, who is leading its operations as president.

By the end of 2019, the app aims to offer 300 properties in 30 cities. It intends “to launch a new distribution channel,” too, though it left details vague. The company competes with niche market leader Hotel Tonight, which offers more than 50,000 hotels worldwide in a booking window expanded beyond same-day reservations. Airbnb[2] recently looked at buying Hotel Tonight, according to reports.

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Q posts and dots connects. A very suspect hotel chain with top tier connections from New York to Washington to London.

Also, Q linked copter crash, Standard Hotel, and Schiff:

“Watzman and Reichelt worked for the Standard chain of boutique hotels, which has locations in West Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, a company representative said Wednesday. Watzman was the general manager of the Standard hotel in West Hollywood. She had worked for the company for nearly 11 years. Reichelt was the regional finance director for parent company Standard International since 2011. "We are heartbroken by the tragic loss of our friends,” said Amar Lalvani, chief executive of Standard International. “Our focus now is on supporting their loved ones and our team during this difficult time.”

Standard International website:, under The Bunkhouse tab :

The Phoenix Hotel:

An article from Conde Nast: The Phoenix Hotel Might Just Make San Francisco a Hotel City

Unlike many of Lambert’s past projects, the Phoenix did have a head start in the cool department. It opened as the Caravan Lodge, one of those very mid-century Americana motor court hotels, in 1956. Over the years, it became the place where every touring musician camped out when they were in town—the Great American Music Hall is around the corner and, maybe more importantly, it had the rare onsite parking lot big enough for a tour bus to park overnight. Everyone stayed, from David Bowie to Neil Young to Kurt Cobain, and everyone, it seems, has a pretty juicy—if not somewhat fuzzy—story about the place. In 1987, Chip Conley took over the hotel (it was the hospitality legend’s first property) and revived it as the Phoenix. Two decades later, sensing it was time for the Phoenix to, well, rise again, Conley reached out to Lambert, his friend and mentee (Lambert cold called Conley a decade ago when she was starting out in the business), and brought her and Bunkhouse onboard.

Secrets Of The Phoenix, The TL’s Rock Star-Beloved Hotel:

Article mentions Pearl Jam stayed there as well…

There have been no overdoses or deaths at the hotel, but the Phoenix is still forever linked to the death of Kurt Cobain. Last spring, 20 years after his suicide, police released photos of a note that was in Cobain’s pocket when he died. The note, mocking his wedding vows to Love, was written on Phoenix Hotel stationery.

Only two swimming pools in the United States are historic landmarks: the one at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles and the Phoenix’s. That’s thanks to former mayor Willie Brown, Conley said.

The house restaurant of the Phoenix used to be Miss Pearl’s Jam House  .. I think there may be a whole other post here :


Airbnb and POLARIS (creator of the National Human Trafficking Hotline) have teamed up to fight against traffickers before they turn rentals into “pop-up brothels”. Uh Oh…..

Airbnb exclusively told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that it has teamed up with anti-trafficking charity Polaris to train its employees, develop new systems and work with the police to spot signs of slavery and prevent people from being trafficked.

Well what have we already surmised about POLARIS?

  • Has Palantir and CIA connections
  • Operates the National Human Trafficking hotline which is NOT a government agency
  • Uses Salesforce to analyze their data (Salesforce = CIA)

In early 2013, Polaris Project and Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children worked with leaders in the cloud computing industry to develop an SMS-based hotline for victims and survivors of human trafficking and at-risk populations. Communications developer Twilio provided the BeFree texting short code and technology to deliver the text messages, which are integrated into Polaris’s national hotline database, powered by

Polaris started its text hotline in March, through a philanthropic partnership with San Francisco-based cloud company Twilio, which powers text and voice customer service communications for clients such as Uber, Hulu, eHarmony and CocaCola. pairs potential lovebirds without revealing phone numbers, Airbnb sends rental notifications and the American Red Cross deploys volunteers, all through Twilio. ING, the European banking giant, recently announced it was yanking out 17 hardware and software systems across its global call centers and replacing all of it with Twilio. Its largest customer, WhatsApp, uses Twilio to verify customer accounts and logins.

Clinton Ties:

One Night app and London

in London One Night will have rooms available at The Ned, Soho House’s brand-new trendy standalone hotel.

The Ned is a new hotel designed and operated by Soho House and Sydell Group in the heart of London. The hotel is owned by Soho House controlling shareholder and Sydell partner, Ron Burkle.

There’s your Jeffrey Epstein link.

The Ned is a new hotel designed and operated by Soho House and Sydell Group in the heart of London. The hotel is owned by Soho House controlling shareholder and Sydell partner, Ron Burkle. The Grade I listed building was originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens as the headquarters of Midland Bank, which at the time was the largest clearing house bank in the world.

We are celebrating London History Day with a week-long look at the changing urban environment around Number 1 Poultry, the subject of our current exhibition ‘Circling the Square’…

The alluring interiors have been featured in pop culture. Most notably, in the basement is the famous vault featured in the James Bond film ‘Goldfinger’. The building oozes with 1920s luxury and Jazz-Age excess. It was vacant for over a decade before its renovation into a private members club and hotel called ‘The Ned’, named after the building’s architect, Edwin Lutyens.

There’s the IG Farben, WW2 connection again. Soho House Berlin is housed in the Hitler Youth Building

Gates Foundation, Eugenics, IG Farben and the Pharmaceutical Cartel, Monsanto, the World Food Program, WHO and the NIH… Just one big club and

Get this… The sphere on Prince Charles’ investiture coronet is actually a gold-plated PING PONG ball and

A PING PONG Crown, I.G. Farben, Auschwitz, the Rothschilds, Bronfmans and the Nazi Roots of the Brussels E.U.

So, I went looking for tunnels…

The project is extremely complex and involves the installation of additional floors, a whole new core extending over 12 stories down to basement -3 and a new swimming pool at roof level. The existing steel frame is also complex with many transfer structures supporting the upper level frames in a number of locations. These transfer structures had to be justified for the significant increases in load.

The proposed Northern Line expansion is to run under the existing building directly under the new core. This has led to a raft solution being developed for the new foundation and required extensive discussions and approvals with both the Bank Station Upgrade team and the TfL Asset Protection team.

Every. single. time.

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