I’m going off again bc I’m sick of the garbage thats being dropped on Google, tumblr, etc. about Benedict Cumberbatch. Hes had 4 years of at least mental abuse. Nope, dont care if u disagree. This is my blog and my opinion. Hes not perfect, thank God. He made mistakes and then a woman w a devious heart and a few others (looking at u Birkins, AA, CM, HW) climbed on. Oh look, the unsuspecting artist trusts people. All they did was take advantage of that. U think? Devious hearts never get enuf – humiliate, hurt, pinch, confuse, embarrass and shame. Whether people want to believe that or not, he has the right to make his life better. He has the right to say no. He has the right to not care. Everyone does. I could care less if u believe my credentials or not. One thing though – I’ve never seen/read such cruel, inhuman, merciless comments as I have the past few days. Believe what u will but STOP.

Well said, those cybertrolls need to back off 😠.

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