John of God and The Church

By angelafogo

It seems that most of the accounts of this Satanic priest originated on the commentary section of this blog entry. It created a snowball which ended with the victims legally organizing amongst themselves.

I insist again. We must find and investigate the final destiny of all the babies produced on John of God’s slave farm. If we can prove their purpose was for Satanic activities this could mean a second PG and red pill.

HERE IT IS. Go to the comments:

Here is also an attempt from Amy Biank to try to defend John of God from the snowball effect this blog’s comment was creating. This is from 2011!

I am getting harassed by shills constantly. So please help on this if you are one of the good guys. Where are the babies? This is our most important question…Also. People. We need to research what the hell they were doing in Sedona’s John of God center: handled by John of God mistress Elizabeth Dami. She is being accused of rape as well. Look what I found: “She is into some really witchy dark stuff that appeared Satanic! They all wear Black robes, and her eyes look possessed, they carry on rituals when she is in town and it is just creepy! If she needs to do witchcraft she should take it back to Italy! This woman also tried to seduce my husband while I was out of town!”

There was an annual meeting at Sedona, organized by John McCain, and Lynne de Rothschild, IIRC. Less well-known than the Bilderberg meeting, but many say at least as important:

Sedona Forum

The Sedona Forum is the institute’s annual high-level gathering of national and international leaders held each spring at the Enchantment Resort in the red-rock country of Sedona, Arizona.

The forum convenes global leaders, decision-makers, high-level executives, activists, and diverse experts to discuss solutions to real-world problems—all from the starting assumption of character-driven leadership and core democratic values.

Previous guests have included Vice President Joe Biden, Ben Affleck, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The McCain Institute publishes an “Agenda for Action” reflecting the ideas discussed during the forum.

Each year, the forum identifies a theme broad enough to incorporate a variety of views and produce practical recommendations.

The 2013 forum focused on “How to Promote Freedom and Democracy Effectively.” Vice President Biden headlined the event, taking part in conversation with Senator McCain on national and international issues, from gun control to immigration to the global economy.

My God. Have we uncovered CDAN’s “Church”?

Geffen, Oprah, Arizona, all the usual suspects, and a place mentioned many times in several CDAN blinds bordering Utah.

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