Sherlocked Troll

That skinny cow tried to use Sherlocked to promote herself, she drove a wedge between Ben and Martin and even trashed Andrew Scott by saying that he acted like a diva towards the Cumberbitches. See, SoFail hates Andrew in particular because he knows things about her that she does not want getting out She is made of lies so please don’t defend her. You do realize that the Sherlock cast wouldn’t publicize any of these embarrassing issues for obvious reasons? But it is what it is and it was leaked so deal with it. It’s no coincidence that the same exact thing happened in NYC either. SoFail’s a personality disordered persona non grata as per both the Beeb and the Rat, sucks to be her.

PS: I don’t look like that and I can say with full certainty that I am genetically female and built like one. My measurements don’t lie and neither do I 😉…

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