Who Is Sophie Hunter? Everything You Need To Know About Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife






Haven’t seen anything this fawning in a few years.  Has the newly-minted “film producer” got herself a publicist?  Also interesting that there is no byline on this.

Sherlock fan? Die-hard ‘Cumberb*tch’? Have a thing for the stiff-upper-lip Brit boy pack? Yes, he’s not your typical Hollywood Hearthrob – there’s whole Tumblr sites dedicated to the actor looking like otters – but there is something undeniably fanciable about Benedict Cumberbatch. Fact. You could hear hearts breaking across the land when news spread he was ENGAGED to theatre director Sophie Hunter (their upcoming nuptials revelation was suitably sophisticated too – an announcement in The Times’ Forthcoming Marriages section). And so a red carpet power couple was born. The pair wed on the most romantic day of the year (14th February in 2015 in the Isle of Wight) and have two sons together: 2-year-old Christopher and Hal, who is 4-months-old.

From her ‘secret’ talent to that Valentino wedding dress, here’s everything you need to know about Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife, Sophie Hunter…

How old is Sophie Hunter?

The London-born beauty is 39 years old, born 6th March 1978. Making her one year younger than her actor husband Benedict Cumberbatch (FYI: This is supposedly the ideal age gap in a relationship, according to one study. Congrats!)

Where did Sophie Hunter go to school?

Like Harrow-educated actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophie went to an equally posh private school. Alongside famous alumni Edie Campbell, Rachel Weisz and Jennifer Saunders, Hunter was educated at St Paul’s Girls’ School in West London, before going on to study Modern Languages at Oxford University. She also lived in Paris for a couple of years after graduating, studying avant-garde theatre at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre.

How did Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch meet?

According to reports, the duo first met in 2009 on the film set of thriller Burlesque Fairytales (his future wife played one of his sidekicks Annabel Blythe-Smith). Although he was a taken man then – dating actress Olivia Poulet, before they split in 2011. He then briefly dated designer Anna Jones in 2012. Sophie and Benedict are thought to have started dating in 2013, however the couple make effort to keep their private life away from the public eye. Cumberbatch’s sister Tracey Peacock once said: ‘You would have to be a pretty smart cookie to keep up with him. I think that is possibly why he has trouble with girlfriends,’ adding, ‘he is such a lot like Sherlock – he is quick-thinking like him, but not harsh. He’s incredibly well read. In comparison to some he is quite an intellectual.’ We have no doubt Sophie can keep up with him.

What does Sophie Hunter do?

Sophie Hunter is an avant-garde theatre director and playwright. She made her directorial debut in 2007, co-directing the experimental play The Terrific Electric in London.

She’s also a pretty great singer too

Most surprisingly, she recorded the French-language album with Guy Chambers (aka Robbie Williams’ singing partner). Here’s a snippet below…

Who has Sophie Hunter dated in the past?

Of note, she was in a long-term relationship with famous sculptor Conrad Shawcross (a protégé of art collector Charles Saatchi) until 2010. In the mid-2000s, the pair reportedly lived together in a converted warehouse that served as Conrad’s studio.

What films has Sophie Hunter starred in?

To add to her already-impressive CV Sophie’s also a talented actress herself, with 14 film and TV credits according to her IMDB page. Before focusing her efforts on theatre direction, her most prominent role was a part in 2004 drama Vanity Fair, opposite Reese Witherspoonwith.

Who designed her wedding dress?

Sitting FROW side at Burberry? The hottest labels from Erdem to Christian Dior lining up to dress her? After Sophie Hunter found herself propelled into the A-list world her sophisticated and elegant sartorial splendour was noted. Speaking to the Telegraph her stylist Nicholas Drake says the key to her red carpet success is simple: ‘Sophie is very discerning and decisive about what she likes and does not like. [Anything too] frilly, frou frou, or with too much surface decoration [won’t work with her aesthetic].’ Her custom-made Valentino wedding dress was revealed on social media in all its glory…


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Owns the German website that ran the cut and paste article the other day too I’ll bet..

Full of inconsistencies…


@chassechasse which is now no longer active or someone else is using it, but she did have instagram.

March 6th 1987?


They didn’t even get the DAY right!

As for her singing and acting skills…

Before Sophie got engaged to Benedict. And her acting is available for all to see. The 2 to 5 minutes she is in things. I believe she is on screen for less then 3 minutes in Torchwood. I watched Vanity Fair. If you blinked you missed her.

Is that “article” new? I can’t imagine Marvel will be happy about it.

Same CopyPasta BS from the same P2P outfit. None of the regular rags will pimp her Royal Uselessness anymore. SoFail like all narcs can only be without supply for so long. That’s why they need to pull the plug…

Who Is Sophie Hunter? Everything You Need To Know About Benedict Cumberbatch’s Wife

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