“Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism, nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism.”

French President Emmanuel Macron – source

Yes, he said this.

he said a lot of things .. like:

“french should be paid less and work more “ 

“being elected is just out-dated” 

“show me an educated woman who have more than 3 childrens , i’ll wait” 

“life of investissor is harder than the life of worker “ 

“35hours of work for a young is truly not enough “ 

“it’s necessary to not pay additional hours of work “ 

“i’m not here to defend your job” 

“a train station is a place where you see peoples who succeed and peoples who are nothing “ 

“i hope peoples will hire more apprentice , it’s now free when they’re underage “

“french culture don’t exist” 

Makes you continue to wonder if he was really elected, since elections are “out dated" 

He was selected by the globalist elite who are also behind the insidious Fabian Society.

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