In 1917 a report issued by the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) names Plummer, Crowley and another British “spiritualist”, Holden Sampson, as members of an “occult German order… undoubtedly that of the Rosicrucian.” Reuss did once proclaim that the OTO was “the exoteric front or showcase of a Rosicrucian order.” The report added, however, that Plummer, Crowley and Sampson maintained some mysterious means of communication with their chief in Berlin, Rudolph Steiner.

Germany has been connected to some of the more powerful secret groups such as: Ordo Saturni, the OTO, the Lodge of Three Globes (which absorbed the Masonic Ritre of Zinnendorf) of Berlin, the Society of Green Men, and others. Theodor Reuss is an example of an important German leader who was part of the interlocking overlapping occult leadership of these secret Orders.“

Richard Spence

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