I’m sure you’re an independent, yes. An independent moronic narcissist with severe mental issues. Every single post you make screams of ignorance, smacks of antisemitic thinking and shows off your delusional tendencies. Your few followers must just love train wrecks cause that’s what you are. A dumb bottomless pit of stupidity – just like your socalled president.

No, you. So moronic that we’ve been right about damn near everything? LOL! FYI an independent mindset coupled with critical thinking is a sign of intelligence. That’s what has enabled us to see through your idiotic BS time and time again. I didn’t vote for Trump, in fact most of us didn’t. I became disillusioned with the Democrats after they used Bernie to pull a bait and switch for Killary.

Cheeto’s only the POTUS because one faction of TPTB wanted him in the WH. Do you honestly think it’s a coincidence that most Presidents including Bill and Barry have been related to European Nobility? We have only been given an illusion of choice but ‘We The People’ now want more, a lot more. BTW, please stop using the antisemitic card to excuse downright criminal behavior and/or as a substitute for valid counterarguments. It’s passé and you aren’t fooling anyone, you navel-gazing twat.

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