Rachel Weisz had a baby girl, a real one, she got pregnant just when her husband was in negociations for Bond and strangely, none of them used her bump or pregnancy to promote anything. You know why, sofailed? A BABY (real or fake in your case) IS NOT A PUBLICITY TOOL. If you have a significant career, you don’t need to look preggo, dress in pregnancy clothes or fake a pregnancy to have your name in the shit rags. Oh and if you want to be in the news, get a divorce, like Brangelina. It works.


Amen !!!!!

Ditto. Brangelina drama is still getting clicks years after their actual split. RW and DC are in a real marriage, with real kids, they don’t need to ‘prove’ anything. SoFail has to be paid to pretend like the ShamWow is more than a mutant fauxmance and still fails

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