Hey Disney…

I’ve been trying to tell you this for a while now, but YOU may need to pull the plug. I know you’ve been trying to get Benedict to do it for himself, but he’s not that guy. It’s how he got into this mess in the first place. He’s miserable, it looks like it’s literally eating him alive and Zero and Co are going to do everything hey can to stall it. And it’s not because of weakness…people with anxiety aren’t weak. They just aren’t going to easily take care of business. So YOU need to do it. He does not know how. And you trying to force him only makes things worse. If something isn’t done and SOON, he may not be around for your Marvel Franchise. So stop wasting everyone’s time and your money and just fix this for him. Then help him hire people who WILL watch out for his & your best interests.

I think y’all are forgetting something, BC can be high-functioning but he’s still got more than one disability. On top of pseudo psychiatric symptoms from EDS, he’s got severe EBDs and is on meds. It leaked, we know and he desperately needs professional help. He is not well, so I implore you to please stage an intervention and/or do what you must to end this toxic situation before it ends him. It’s not only the most humane thing to do but also the most financially sound course of action to take at this point.

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