So an anon calls you out for posting information from an alt right source and Adriana’s response is to suggest the anon themselves is a pedophile. And you don’t question that behavior from her, Patty? You are a fucking moron.




Ummm…I’m gonna question the nonny, too, in this situation. You sound more upset about the source of the LEGIT information (in this case) than you do about the information itself! And so did the “original” anon. I find that deeply disturbing. Especially when the information was listed on members of ALL the prominent UK political parties. The information itself was valid, verified, and fair. So for you and the “original” anon (who are probably one and the same) to act (pathetically, I might add) outraged over Aeltri’s comment but not at the horrible men and women who used their power to MOLEST CHILDREN tells me all I need to know about you…I’ve fucking had family members live in Witness Protection for YEARS, because they spoke up about being raped and molested by someone powerful in their area. So do me a favor and take your manufactures outrage and shove it up your ass!

Word. How much do you want to bet that at least one of SoFail’s allies made that list? That’s probably what’s bothering them…

The Sealed Indictment list? 45,000 yikes

Along with BF’s initial PedoMP report but it’s all in our imaginations right?


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