Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #6


Hahaha. Maybe enty does read our blogs?

. Although he seems to know something we don’t-he was dating someone else. Oh, and man do I love the “dating” part. Good ol’ Enty hinting at showmance. Lmao

Oh sweet bearded baby Jesus…this definitely isn’t from BC’s peepo or Team Soso. Looks like Rosie is also trying to rewrite history. Girl, you a stupid hoe who can’t even count! Did you call in a PR favor from one of your Johns as well? Still seeing that footballer? MP? BC definitely knew SoFail from ages ago, stop lying. Word on the street is that RJG was one of the HW girls that BC ‘tried’ out. SH was on a similar plan but she had already been vetted and hired by Swinestein himself for TIG RCGF role since March/April of 2014. RJG thought she could pull a fast one and get a last minute upgrade. Wrong. Higher end hookers like SoFail and RosieHo offer clients the ‘girlfriend’ experience but it’s strictly P2P….


PS: Don’t shittalk Mama Wanda, we know it’s you.

Crazy Days and Nights: Blind Item #6

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