You know it’s bad when even the Stannies start wondering if you have an eating disorder. A well-balanced veg diet does not leave you looking like a chemo patient. About Orthorexia Nervosa:

“Developing a restricted diet such as veganism may be a side effect of mental illnesses like eating disorders which are rooted in control issues and tend to be exhibited through the restricting of food, not allowing themselves to eat. Obviously, to a certain degree, this becomes noticeable, so excuses are often made to explain away why a meal is so small, low in calories, or non-existent. As vegan food a) is often lower in calories and b) often hard to find, becoming a vegan is a very good excuse/way of restriction for those who have an eating disorder. Many vegetarians are completely fine, it’s just a connection that you can find between these two things.“

In the meantime, all people like Joe Woolfe care about is using BC to sell overpriced ‘vegan’ trainers. Unfuckingbelievable…

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