So you’ve never experimented with magick and trying to, maybe, kill your neighbors? You shouldn’t deny things that are easily searched and archived. Secret can be shared between two people if one is dead. That’s not a death threat, that’s Benjamin Franklin. Wise man.

You must be new to my blog because I’ve always been very open about my esoteric inclinations. I specifically stated that I experimented with different practices, including some that would fall under black magick. With regards to my troublesome neighbors? You don’t know what I had to put up with, if you did you would realize that my response was wholly justified. Furthermore, it was never my intention to kill anyone but rather to drive them away by whatever means necessary. I have always had a natural aptitude for the craft so unsurprisingly the effects on my targets were far more harmful than I expected and I can’t say that I was happy about that. It also took me a while to banish the spirits that I had inadvertently called forth. 

I’ve always had limits, for example, I do not believe in blood sacrifice and have never found it necessary to debase myself in order to obtain the desired results. Westerners are awkward even in this regard, they alienate themselves from the natural world and seem to think that the more ridiculous the ritual the more effective it is. Well, it certainly is effective if amusing spirits and giving them power over you is your objective. That is entirely the wrong approach, spirits will listen but you must have a clear intention and most importantly you must never show fear. If only more practitioners were as forthright as I am…


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