Jimmy Savile, the Process Church of the Final Judgement, the House of Rothschild, Alefantis/David Brock’s ex boyfriend William Grey and Ed Buck

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The following article describes Jimmy Savile’s association with the Process Church of the Final Judgement and the House of Rothschild: SIR Jimmy Savile & SIR Paul McCartney/

The head of the House of Rothschild today is Charles Rothschild (4th Baron Charles Jacobus Nathaniel Rothschild). I exposed one of the Rothschild properties in the early 90’s which was used for satanic rituals for the Process Church, a neo-Gnostic spinoff of the OTO. About 20 miles west of Sandy Hook, Conn. is the county of Westchester (NY). The Rothschilds owned an estate there which had a church bldg. but the main mansion had burned down. That property was the eastern HQ for the Process Church (the Process Church of the Final Judgment) whose membership incl. David Berkowitz, Charlie Manson, Michael Vail Carr III, actor Bobby Beausoleil, millionaire (& sex. slave owner) Andrew Crispo, Dorris Day’s son, Beach Boy’s drummer Dennis Wilson, John Philips (of the Mamas & Papas) & Jimmy Savile.


The Beatles opened their first Apple Corp. business enterprise, the Apple Boutique, at 94 Baker Street in London, on December 7, 1967. Technically it was simply called the Apple “shop,” because John Lennon disapproved of using the word “boutique.”

Caleb Ashburton-Dunning was hired not only as the assistant manager of the Apple boutique but as the house astrologer to do daily horoscopes for the Beatles when asked and charts for any special event or problem.

Ashburton-Dunning was devastated over being fired by Lennon simply for predicting that his relationship with Yoko Ono would not go well. He turned to The Process Church of the Final Judgment, a bizarre new religious organization that had its headquarters in London.

More about the Process Church https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Process_Church_of_the_Final_Judgment

Its members initially lived in a commune in Mayfair before moving to Xtul in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. They later established a base of operations in the United States in New Orleans. Prosecutors investigating the Los Angeles murders committed by the Manson Family in 1969 suggested that there were links between Charles Manson and the Process Church. Although no proof of such a connection was ever provided, the allegations damaged the Church’s reputation.

The Process Church of the Final Judgement was the creation of Mary Ann Maclean (1931–2005) and Robert De Grimston Moore (b.1935). [They met while they were members of the Church of Scientology in London.] Born in Shanghai, Moore had served in the British Household Cavalry from 1954 to 1958

It was later transformed into the Best Friends Animal Society, based at Kanab, Utah.


Self-proclaimed as the richest and “largest animal sanctuary in the United States”, meet Best Friends Animal Society aka The Process, Church of the Final Judgment, aka the Four-P Movement, aka The Foundation Church of the Millennium, aka The Foundation Faith of God, aka Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

When a member inherited, they leased a mansion on Balfour Place [which became known locally as Satan’s Cave] – owned at the time by actor Richard Harris, in London’s exclusive Mayfair district.

Sidenote: Shoes for Swinging Satanists

Jeffery-West’s styles are influenced by Regency dandies, fin-de-siècle decadence, twentieth-century subculture and a whole swath of swashbucklers, wits and hell-raisers, whose names are given to their lasts: Keith Richards, Bram Stoker, Terence Stamp, Oliver Reed, Harry Flashman, Peter O’Toole, Brian Jones, Bryan Ferry, Roger Moore, Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Aleister Crowley, Beau Brummell and Sir Francis Dashwood.

Best Friends Animal Society – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Best_Friends_Animal_Society

Best Friends Animal Society, founded in its present form in 1991,[7] is an American nonprofit 501©(3)[4] animal welfare organization. Best Friends Animal Society works nationwide in outreach programs with shelters, rescue groups and members to promote pet adoption, no-kill animal rescue, and spay-and-neuter practices.[

The group originated in Arizona in 1971,[9] developing from The Foundation Faith of the Millennium, a religious group formerly known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment.

The William Grey question- ex-partner of David Brock::

Media Matters and the elusive previous ex-Mr. Media Matters

Other than his civil suit against David Brock for the return of antiques and art, he seems to have worked in pet rescue and adoption in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and has now disappeared, with a settlement payment of $850,000 in exchange for silence about Media Matters’ alleged financial misconduct. Indeed the only other thing I can find about him is a brief note about feral cat rescue in the Rehoboth gay community magazine, Camp Rehoboth.

WHY is there NO discussion about William Grey?

Looks like someone’s been down this path before. DPAC, his pet adoption center, is difficult to find any traces of other than the newspaper pic and some tax info: http://archive.is/pVgrB The listed address is in a residential area (I believe brock’s vacation house), the inc made between 100,000 and 500, 000 while other businesses or orgs were clearing around 60,000, and DPAC is listed as having 0$ in assets while similar orgs averaged around 20,000. If anyone can find the logo, if he actually even ever made one (or actually ever ran a shelter), I’d like to see it. Would be interesting if there were any connections to the Best Friends Animal Society, formerly known as the Process Church.

I’m wondering about that too…particularly as Best Friends Animal Society is a big presence in the Delaware area…

However, they found their way to Haiti: Best Friends Animal Society in Haiti

And remember Ed Buck? Glendale City Council to ban pet store sales of dogs and cats

She was completely unsocialized and shied away from human contact. She literally had to learn how to be a dog, and is still learning every day,“ Reeves said with emotion. Others stepped up to address the Council and dispute the notion that responsible pet store owners, do in fact exist, including Elizabeth Oreck, Best Friends Animal Society and Ed Buck, Social Compassion in Legislation.

Jimmy Comet loves Marfa artist Donald Judd whose daughter is a featured artist at creepy ‘Standard Hotel’ in creepy West Hollywood which is creepy Adam Schiff’s district.

Clinton supporter Ed Buck embroiled in another suspicious death of a young male prostitute at his home

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