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Good afternoon Skippy! I hope this Sunday is treating you well and you are enjoying – hopefully – a beautifully sunny day in Canada.

I am very humbled to have so many people interested in what I am saying and what I say about PR. I know there will be more questions that you’ve been asked than I can answer here, but I just thought I’d make sure you don’t feel like you’re “alone”.

I didn’t mean to imply Suits was still her PR. If I did, I apologise. I was merely stating that it’s unusual for someone in a new role to lament or to wishfully acknowledge something they miss. Usually it’s when someone regrets their decision they announce it. We had a client who quit her biggest role – it was a role which won her ‘fame’. She was bitterly regretful after a movie came out, and then she ended up stating how much she missed her old role. Big mistake. You’ve shot yourself in the foot there. We didn’t have any opportunity to try and contact her old film production agency or her agent to ask if they could persuade them. To have Meghan make an open comment about missing acting actually says a LOT about what her next motive is. 

Secondly, I saw Thomas Markle appear in the news today! Ha! He’s such a character that man. And look – Meghan’s the victim! Poor Meghan. Doesn’t that just seem too good? Meghan’s back in the headlines – just by herself – after her disaster yesterday with Kate, and after the Trump visit.  I didn’t read the articles, I just skimmed the headlines because it’s very much ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ with this PR cycle, but it’s interesting how they haven’t changed it up at all.

Finally, who her backer is, I couldn’t be sure. I always felt it had to be someone in the Mulroney family helping Meghan. Especially after Jessica’s family appeared in our list of PR contacts for interviews and photos. It just seems to be too convenient otherwise. Doesn’t she have a fashion brand? Some website? 

Also, was Meghan invited by Ralph Lauren to yesterdays tennis? I only ask because my partner’s firm was able to get some of their clients in yesterday but it was thanks to tickets sent by Ralph Lauren! I just thought how unusual it is for Meghan’s clothing item – Ralph Lauren – to be highlighted on – funnily – the day when the majority of invites in to the Royal Box are there thanks to tickets from Ralph Lauren! Just food for thought. If you find or hear anything, let me know.

Just for fun, I had a read of a few of my partners clients on Blind Gossip! He works for a much larger firm, and needless to say, knows far more than he would ever let on. The few gossip articles I read were exactly what I was expecting. Whichever anon told you that Blind Gossip is PR is completely correct. They’re a backward way of promoting something or someone. It’s a sort of counter-PR. Most of the clients my partner has who were on there are also – like Meghan – projected as the villain. I had a quick read of Crazy Days and Nights which was fun. The latter seems far more truthful – a few clients are featured (from my partners team) with stories that neither of us knew about, whereas we knew the ‘gossip’ off of Blind Gossip. I’d therefore assume – but I cannot be sure, because I don’t work for either of them – that Blind Gossip supplies lots of PR firms or promotion firms, and their gossip is generated by countering PR articles. A win-win for both. They seem to work with the Daily Mail for what it’s worth. 

Have a lovely day everyone!

Hi London PR!  Yes a beautiful day here I need Canada!  Although too windy!🙂  I want to say a personal thank you, you promised me I wouldn’t be alone, and you were true to your word!🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

We love you!  We so appreciate all this valuable information! With all you provide people are now questioning the whole situation and the consensus seems to be everything is tied to her PR!  So really driving home what we have been saying, this is not a loving marriage!  Your information supports this!  

JM wouldn’t be her backer..just not going to invest this kind of money in it, I don’t think!  Can you give us an idea of how much all this PR would cost? We do know when she first outed about her dating Harry she had 4 PR firms.  

Well, people are anxiously awaiting your post!  Thank you so very much again!🙂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

There you have it, comped tix to Wimbledon. You try to tell people how celeb merching etc. deals really work and yet they still fall for fake narratives…

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