The Secret Life of Ely Cathedral, the Diocese of Westminster and Eel Pie Island

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Take a good look at the painting that was done for the Ely Cathedral: Christ in Majesty: Album

[Can also be seen on this page:

A group of artists has spent more than a year enjoying unprecedented access to Ely Cathedral, built in the 7th century and once a Benedictine abbey. Caroline Forward explains how they found hidden gems, corners, and stories]

“The Secret Life of Ely Cathedral” is a collaboration between Ely Cathedral and Ouse Life artists to create an exhibition of artworks which depict the secret life of Ely Cathedral.

Mediaeval Baebes to tour England’s cathedrals amid unease over their ‘sexy’ image

the Baebes, whose tour will include Peterborough, Norwich, Leicester and Gloucester cathedrals, have vowed not to tone down their act. A member of the Ely Cathedral congregation resigned in opposition to a performance by the Baebes, who have not received a universal welcome from the Christian community. At a church performance in Rochester, two vergers stood by the stage ready to rush in and cover the girls up believing they would take all their clothes off.

“They wanted to make sure we didn’t perform a striptease,” Katharine Blake, the Baebes founder, and musical director, told the Independent on Sunday. “At Ely Cathedral they thought we were a Satanic cult.”

A sample of their music : Mediaeval Baebes- The CIrcle of the LustfulYouTube

Apparently, they are singing in medieval Italian and it’s from Dante’s Inferno. Eyes Wide Shut territory?

Medieval Baebes

The Mediæval Bæbes is a British musical ensemble founded in 1996 by Dorothy Carter and Katharine Blake.[1] It included some of Blake’s colleagues from the band Miranda Sex Garden, as well as other friends who shared her love of medieval music.

Emily Ovenden is the daughter of artists Graham Ovenden and Annie Ovenden. She was born and raised in Cornwall and now lives in London. She performed backing vocals on Dragonforce’s The Power Within[7] and Reaching into Infinity.[8] She is also a founding member and former lead vocalist of English gothic metal band Pythia. Emily left the group at the beginning of 2016.

Graphic work of paedophile artist Graham Ovenden to be destroyed

The artist, from Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, abused children who posed for his paintings in the Seventies and Eighties

The UK Supreme Court has artwork created by pedophile connected artist Peter Blake – designer of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover

Peter Blake and Graham Ovenden worked together on a number of projects and were even together in a collective of artists known as the Brotherhood of Ruralists. Why would Tony Blair’s new Supreme Court choose such an artist?

Emily Alice Ovenden

Emily Alice Ovenden is an English singer and composer and a member of the British ensemble Mediæval Bæbes. She has published a fiction novel called The Ice Room and she was also the lead singer of the power/gothic metal band Pythia and Chris Payne’s Celtic Legend project.

PYTHIA – Sarah (Bury Her)YouTube

Emily is now married and recently retweeted this.. seems she’s very connected to the Church

TeamEdmonton grows and develops @dioceseoflondon new deacons chosen by Jesus and ordained @StPaulsLondon this afternoon.

Anyhoo.. back to Ely and the cathedral…

The ancient city of Ely occupies the largest island in the Cambridgeshire Fens. The “Isle of Ely” is so called because it was only accessible by boat until the waterlogged Fens were drained in the 17th century. Still susceptible to flooding today, it was these watery surrounds that gave Ely its original name the ‘Isle of Eels’, a translation of the Anglo Saxon word ‘Eilig’.

It was an Anglo Saxon princess, Saint Ethelreda, who founded the first Christian community on the islands’ hilltop site in 673 A.D. for both monks and nuns.

The cathedral with its many interesting features, including the 14th century Lady Chapel and Octagon Tower, will no doubt be recognized by millions, as it was used as a film set for the two recent Elizabethan epics ‘The Golden Age’ and ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’.

Perhaps the most famous resident of Ely was The Lord Protector, the uncrowned King of Great Britain and Ireland, Oliver Cromwell.

Oliver Cromwell,_Westminster

A statue of Oliver Cromwell stands outside the House of Commons of the United Kingdom in Westminster, London.

The statue was unveiled on 31 October 1899, followed by a speech on Cromwell by former Prime Minister Lord Rosebery,[14] who was later revealed as the anonymous donor who paid for the statue, and whose wife was the sole heir to the Rothschild’s family fortune.

St Etheldreda’s Church in Ely Place in Holborn [which is in the diocese of Westminster] is dedicated to the saint. It was originally part of the palace of the bishops of Ely. After the English Reformation, the palace was used by the Spanish ambassadors, enabling Roman Catholic worship to continue in the church.

The Anglican church in the same Holborn area is the St. Andrew’s Church in Holborn that caused an uproar a few months ago when a fashion show was put on within the church and labeled as satanic by many: Why is the Church of England hosting a Satanic Fashion Show?

So, Oliver Cromwell provides the link between Ely [original name the ‘Isle of Eels’] in Cambridgeshire, Westminster and I would say, that pedo hangout at Eel Pie Island. Eel Pie Island is in an area of London called Twickenham with a number of places and streets with the name Cromwell.

Cromwell lived at Hampton Court Palace which is very close to Eel Pie Island and is located in a park which ‘extends to approximately 1100 acres. Its oldest visible archaeological feature is a wide low ridge crossing into the park from Sandy Lane. Its proximity to the remains of the Bronze Age barrow across the lane suggests a history of occupation of some 4,000 years. Other features, forming a rectangular pattern, suggest Roman’.

Prior to Cromwell:

After the Norman invasion of 1066, Hampton was passed to Walter de St Valery. His descendants transferred it to a London merchant, Henry de St Albans, who sold it in 1237 to the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem.

That’s the Knights of Malta.

On the lost hospitals of London: Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

the Hospital of St Elizabeth opened on 19th November 1856, the Feast Day of St Elizabeth of Hungary, under whose patronage it was dedicated. It had been founded by Cardinal Wiseman and Dr. Manning (later Cardinal) who placed it under the charge of the SISTERS OF MERCY, four of whom had recently returned from the Crimea where they had worked with Florence Nightingale. The Committee of Management included, among others, Cardinal Wiseman and the Duke of Norfolk).

In 1861 the Hospital became closely associated with the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of St John of Jerusalem (commonly known as the Order or the KNIGHTS OF MALTA).

This would be the point to end this particular thread as the next post will take us to the strange parallel world of the London music scene of the Eighties during Thatcher’s reign and a Goth group called the Sisters of Mercy, spooks, Oxbridge and then to New York, the Democrats and Joel Davis.

The municipal government of the Town of Flushing, which dated back to colonial times, along with other municipal township governments in Queens County, was incorporated into the Borough of Queens on January 1, 1898. Later, the area was named after Kew Gardens, which in 1909 was renamed after Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, England in the United Kingdom.

This is the same area of London as Eel Pie Island.

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