Eel Pie Island, PIE, the UK music industry and the Occult

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Eel Pie Island, in the Thames, London

Eel Pie Island is an island in the River Thames at Twickenham in the Borough of Richmond upon Thames, London. It is situated on the Tideway and can be reached only by footbridge or boat. The island was known as a major jazz and blues venue in the 1960s.

The Eel Pie Studios or Oceanic Studios at The Boathouse on the mainland nearby, formerly owned by Pete Townshend, were the location of several significant pop and rock recordings. Townshend’s publishing company, Eel Pie Publishing, is also named after the island.

A short but very interesting video on the background to Eel Pie Island and its links to the area of social work in the UK: :

Island that rocked to Bowie and the Stones stakes claim as true home of British R&B

It also told the story of the remarkable Arthur Chisnall, the antiques dealer and philanthropist who set up the club.

“Arthur really was the centre of it,” said Whitby. “He was not a massive music fan, but was fascinated by young people and their problems in a genuine way. A lot of people have told me that he changed their lives for the better.” The pop-up museum contained a recreation of Arthur’s living room in nearby Strawberry Hill, with his original desk. In June 1961, on the club’s fifth birthday, he was interviewed by the News of the World. “This place started as a jazz club. Now it is one of the biggest political discussion centres in this part of greater London.

Eel Pie and Arthur. Inoculation against evil influences?

Contacts were Arthur’s stock-in-trade. In addition to mixing and matching the participants in the Club he made a point of getting to know people in authority who could help the young people who showed up at the Island. He persuaded as many as he could to visit the Island and meet some of those who used to hang around the ‘membership desk’. When the situation was right he would introduce the facilitating contact to the individual. He contacted me at the Home Office. So far as I know I was able to help at least one young man, who had left home and was in difficulties with an academic father; it transpired that he wrote well. He was interested in journalism so I was able to facilitate his obtaining a scholarship to Chicago. He is now a broadcaster. He may not wish the disclosure of his background, so he had better remain anonymous.

Arthur knew many members of Parliament and took a strong emotional interest in the Home Office Research Unit and the difficulties it sometimes had with politicians.  …..

It was expected that a Labour government would be elected. Arthur arranged for me to meet several MPs. Austin Albu I recall was one. But it was the meeting he arranged with Peter Shore which was to determine the outcome. I recall our discussion in a taxi near Downing Street.  ….

Notorious pedophile Peter Righton and Eel Pie Island

  • The connection to Eel Pie Island and to Charles Napier and a pedophile ring is mentioned around the 32min mark

Tory MP’s half-brother Charles Napier sentenced to 13 years over ‘prolific’ child sex abuse

Charles Napier, 67, was a former treasurer of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) which campaigned to lower the age of consent and linked like-minded abusers in the 1970s and 80s before it was disbanded. It was reputed to have high-ranking supporters within politics, police and the Church.

A former child protection worker, Peter McKelvie, passed details of the Righton files to Mr. Watson, which led to his statement in parliament. The files included claims that a high-level group of paedophiles were involved in the abuse of children at the Elm Guest House, a well-known meeting place for gay men, in south-west London.

Related post: The Elm House child brothel guest list for UK peadophiles.

Edit: Charles Napier related to fellow paedophile in MI6

Charles Scott Napier was born into the very heart of the British Empire’s military and intelligence establishment. Ironically at the time of his paedophile offences one of Napier’s distant cousins was married to Sir Peter Hayman, a senior MI6 officer who was later himself exposed as a paedophile though never prosecuted. (Further information about Sir Peter’s MI6 career will be published here later this week.)

The Napier and Hayman families had a long record of imperial service at the highest level. As was common in such circles, many members of the family were senior Freemasons: Sir Peter’s grandfather Canon Henry Hayman was Provincial Grand Master of Nottinghamshire and a Past Grand Chaplain of England; while Charles Napier’s ancestors included a Grand Master Mason of Scotland.

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