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I’m sorry to do another post Skippy in such a short space of time, but I’m going to be stuck on this train for some time so I thought I would talk about the murky world of PR contracted relationships. My firm have a few experiences of those – I cannot obviously say which relationships, and several have even gone on to marriage and children via surrogates. When you work in personal PR, you begin to notice a lot of patterns of what is going on with someone. You notice each time they show their “real” selves, and every time they show their “PR” selves.

I admit, sometimes I do get thrown. I’ll be sat flipping through the papers and suddenly BAM. I’ll see a photo of Harry beaming at Meghan. And I’ll think “Gosh, they do look happy”.

If someone who makes their living in personal PR gets tripped up by these photos, then I imagine ALL of you look at those photos and just want to burn the house down.

But every time you see a photo, stop, and just look deeper in to the story. A PR contracted relationship is usually devised by multiple parties – usually, it will be PR firm(s) either paid for by the individual(s) or by whoever is wanting to gain from their publicity that a relationship could achieve.

Next comes the contract – yes, engagements, marriages and children are written in to some contracts. As are “fights”, as are “tabloid gossip” stories. Both sides agree on what stories can be published and cannot. Usually the stories are alternating – one week one part of the coupling will get an article about something to do with X, the next the other way round etc etc. It’s very repetitive.

But no story is believable without photos – amirite? You see a photo and it projects more than a story ever could. EVERY PHOTO YOU SEE PUBLISHED ON A TABLOID OR A NEWSPAPER IS SELLING THE NARRATIVE. I’m sorry to do that in caps, but I often forget it myself. They are never going to sell the truth or the foundation of the relationship when they make MONEY FROM PUBLISHING THE NARRATIVE.

I’m ashamed to admit that PR is a dangerous and disgusting world. It is one where you effectively take someone so weak, so needing of public affection, so mentally and emotionally draining, and sell them down the river.

I would imagine Harry and Meghan have some form of commitment contract. As in, how many events she may appear at – as a minimum – and how they are to conduct themselves. We write in to our contracts everything and we create storylines YEARS in advance.

Every smile, every kiss, every.single.thing is orchestrated by a group of people who are trying to sell a narrative. The question you need to ask yourselves is WHAT is the narrative they are wishing to sell and then work backwards.

It’s clear they’re selling a loving young couple. You bring out dogs. You bring out babies. You bring out uni photos. You talk about how lovely you were when someone was a baby or a toddler. You then bring up how X has changed Y for the better and vice versa. How they are “soul mates”. Any time you see an article refer to them as soul mates, just put it aside.


I do not know Harry, nor Meghan, so I cannot comment on whether this is a contract relationship. But honestly, if it isn’t, then they’ve got a pretty crappy marriage. It reads like a PR script.

Please never feel the need to apologize for posting!  We are thrilled, truly! A question asked was how long before engagement were you contacted? I received her Game Plan a couple of days before Toronto IG….again, thank you so much for all of this!  So important!  ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


As with all business matters if one party insists on receiving the lion’s share of the benefits at the expense of the other? That’s a breach of contract and is sufficient grounds for it’s termination. Coercion, physical, mental and/or emotional abuse would be another reason. It’s not acceptable in any kind of relationship, contractual or otherwise.

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