SRA and Mothers

By Anonymous

The only coven practice I know a bit about is the case of rocket pioneer, Jack Parsons. He was the big wheel behind the Pasadena coven, made famous by L. Ron Hubbard and his cult. I know Parson’s occult ties because I read his bio, “Sex and Rockets” by John Carter. The book says (page 183) Jack Parsons slept with his mother (like Jimmy Savile). After reading so many Podesta e-mails and commentary about them I am thinking about mothers of boys who grow up to be cultists.

“Sex and Rockets” didn’t say a lot about the beliefs of Jack Parsons’ mother but thinking about the Podesta brothers’ mother, a witch, I now wonder about Ruth Parsons. Was she a witch and did she abuse her son at an early age to act out ritual incest for spells or other things? Their families just seem similar to me.

Another boy whose mother probably abused him was Bill C. Supposedly his autobiography tells of his mother behaving very un-motherly with him and crossing mother-son sexual boundaries (perhaps with massages, I didn’t read the bio, I just heard mention of his strange upbringing in an interview).

What I am thinking of these predatory men like the rapist, Bill C., the coven leader and manipulator, Jack Parsons, infamous Savile and the evil Podesta brothers is that perhaps there is a hidden hand in their vile behavior. Perhaps their mothers had even more skeletons in their closet that have yet to see the light of day. Just my opinion.

Well, we know that any kind of sexual abuse causes irreparable damage but it’s even worse when the victim is a child and the abuser is their parent. For some, it’s part and parcel of intergenerational cult involvement, a malign family tradition if you will. I will note that Macron is somewhat similar in that he was seduced by a much older woman, a maternal figure, as a lad of 14. More than one expert has said that he suffers from a Cluster B personality disorder…

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