DC’s Cafritz, Alefantis’ Gallery and NXIVM

By Anonymous

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz foundation appear to have been the source of financial resources to both James Alefantis’ Transformer Gallery and NXIVM, a stunning revelation given that their granddaughter, the late Pamela Cafritz, was once second-in-command at NXIVM and the architect of the cult’s insidious slavery program.

The Cafritz family are Lithuanian-American Jews who amassed a large fortune in DC real estate and built several important DC residences. While the original philanthropists are not linked to satanic occultism as of writing this, the family foundation appears to be one of the main donors to the Transformer Gallery. I must also emphasize that not all NXIVM funding from the foundation seems consensual–rather, Pamela Cafritz seems to have used an inflated stipend from the family fund to bankroll Keith Raniere’s operations in Albany, NY.


Transformer’s 2014/2015 Exhibition Series and programs were supported by: The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The CrossCurrents Foundation, The DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities/ NEA, The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, The National Endowment for the Arts’ Access to Artistic Excellence Award, and The Visionary Friends of Transformer – individual donors, members of our Annual Auction Host Committee, and Corporate Sponsors

I have commented in detail before about Pedophilic and Satanic symbolism in the art in Transformer Gallery, such as this painting of a panda-masked individual abusing a child amputee. I have also gone over the state department links to the art exchange program at Transformer, indicating that it uses a diplomatically-protected “shipping channel” to move art around the world. The Cafritz’s are also members of the Friends of Art and Preservation of Embassies group. The head of the CrossCurrents foundation is a Tavistock psychiatrist.

If you’re still on the fence about how important this link is, know that Calvin Cafritz attended a private function by the Podesta Brothers, according to an email leaked on Wikileaks... Remember also that Podesta’s “private viewings” are organized by Transformer Gallery. You’ll never guess who else was on chef duties.

Alefantis-connected firm KAZE design also contributed graphic design to the Cafritz Foundation, along with Comet, Transformer, Buck’s NCMEC and Media Matters.

More on NXIVM-Cafritz link

The Frank Report aptly summarizes the role that Pamela Cafritz played in not only managing the organization but adding a lot of the slavery practices to the group.

Actress Allison Mack – who was the third lead in the TV show Smallville – has assumed the top position in the harem of Keith Raniere. She has surpassed several longtime harem members and assumed the role of the late Pamela Cafritz. In this respect, Miss Mack operates similarly to the late Miss Cafritz, who performed a triad role of managing recruitment for the harem and Jness, the women’s organization she co-founded with Mr. Raniere and Mariana Fernandez and supporting Mr. Raniere’s household. After Miss Cafritz died, Miss Mack assumed leadership of Jness. Then she formed DOS and also enjoys Mr. Raniere’s presence at her household on numerous occasions. Prior to her passing, Miss Cafritz established the concept of slavery among the women who were united in slavery to Mr. Raniere. Despite being the topmost harem member, Miss Cafritz acted as a slave to some of the women in the harem.

Miss Cafritz encouraged new women and girls to become his slaves, and pointed out to Mr. Raniere numerous young women’s desirable physical features to encourage his amorous propensities. She used her wealth and social charm to make new women feel welcome and always told the young ones that having sex with Mr. Raniere would be the luckiest occasion of their lives. Out of her six figure annual stipend from her father’s trust, Miss Cafritz paid for all of Mr. Raniere’s personal living expenses for many years. In their domicile, she regarded herself not only Mr. Raniere’s slave but also a slave to her sister wife and live-in harem member, Mariana Fernandez who was 20 years her junior. Miss Fernandez is rumored to be pregnant with Mr. Raniere’s child.

After Miss Cafritz died in November 2016, members of the harem felt she continued to live on with them. Harem members reportedly continued to utilize her bank accounts and credit cards after she died as if she were still living – in the service of Mr. Raniere. For some time Mr. Raniere and other members of the harem were instructed not to divulge Miss Cafritz had died. It was speculated they needed time to clear up financial affairs related to her estate before the banks and the trustees learned about her passing. Some harem members, it is believed, felt close enough to Miss Cafritz that they felt comfortable signing her name on banking and other documents after she died in order to avoid any confusion that might occur if the financial institutions knew about her death.

Discussions were held with some of the followers with Mr. Raniere about freezing Miss Cafritz body. Discussions were held about flying her frozen body to the FIJI Islands where she might be restored to life once Mr. Raniere or some other scientist discovered a cure for cancer. Miss Cafritz had such faith in Mr. Raniere that she believed that he controlled the weather in the Albany area. Prior to her death, she spoke of having her body frozen until Mr. Raniere discovered a way to bring her back to life. Miss Mack reformed the model Miss Cafritz employed and enhanced it, creating an organized system where women obey her daily instructions. Her structure is based on a 6-6-6- model. She has six slaves who in turn are required to get six slaves and each of these six are required to get six more slaves.

We also see that Comet and the Gwendolyn/Morris Cafritz Foundation both gave money to the Sinai Assisted Housing Foundation

The Albany Times-Union reports that Raniere kept on using the trust money from the Cafritz fortune after she died.

The NY Post indicates that the Cafritz family played a similar role to the Bronfman sisters in terms of funding from a major philanthropic donor.

Three of the March and April Clinton pledges came from Raniere’s most high-profile followers: Seagram heiresses Clare and Sara Bronfman, and Pamela Cafritz, daughter of D.C. A-listers Buffy and Bill Cafritz.

In a weird twist that cuts right through the DC art world, the daughter-in-law of Gwen and Morris Cafritz had a run-in with who else but Charles Manson in the lead-up to the Manson murders. While her involvement with the family was short, remember that Manson killed Abigail Folger, heiress to the Folger fortune and relative of Izette Folger, who appears to be one of James Alefantis’ best friends. She calls him ‘Pan’.

Charlene Marie Lawley (maiden name) married Carter Detre Cafritz on May 27, 1966. Carter’s parents were Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz, a prominent power couple, both politically and socially, in Washington, DC. In his book “The Family”, Ed Sanders mentions Manson meeting a young lady named Charlene Cafritz, in the summer of 1968 at Dennis Wilson’s beach home. Charlene met Wilson through Cass Elliot and became one of Wilson’s girlfriends.

In December of 1968, Manson and 3 girls drove to an exclusive dude ranch near Reno, Nevada, where they spent 2 weeks as Charlene‘s guests. At the time of Charlie’s visit to Reno, Charlene was getting her divorce finalized. According to Sanders, her settlement figure was around $2,000,000. However, I’ve read that it was a cash settlement of $130,000 plus $20,000 a year, some antiques and 4 thoroughbred racehorses. Carter retained custody of their baby. Evidently, Charlie’s “double-talk voodoo” worked on Charlene too. Manson supposedly told Charlene to buy him a blue Fleetwood Cadillac. She screwed up and bought a fire-engine red Cadillac and he told her to take it back. Manson was instrumental in squandering any money she had. Three cults (Manson Family, NXIVM, Comet/Panda Head) are tied to the same major Jewish financiers (Bronfman/Rothschild/Cafritz) and all seem to have engaged in practices involving Dissociative Identity Disorder. I’ll have to continue repeating myself to drive this point home because if all three are linked then it may provide some of the best evidence of SRA rings existing in the highest rungs of power.

As a side note, Calvin Cafritz Enterprises owns a building a couple of blocks from Comet.

Very relevant in light of one of Enty’s latest reveals and this Anon also refers to CPP simply as ‘Comet’

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