I hate her! Look what she did to him! Look at him! Look at what’s left of him! I hate her because of her smug disgusting face while he’s looking more and more horrible tired and sad! I don’t give a fuck about him being married! I’ve never have been what the nannies always use as an explanation for us: jealous because I am not his wife. I hate the new Ben, the sad, tasteless, bored, weak, pathetic lapdog Ben hunter! I want our joyous lovely Benedict Cumberbatch back!

She’s a malignant narcissist who was given a carte blanche to kill him. Remember those papers she had him sign on the day of the ShamWedding? Why the rush? Because that’s what she wants! I’d like to remind Disney and Adam Ackland that BC won’t be able to make millions for them once he ends up in a psych ward or a morgue.

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