As a psychiatric professional w 35 yrs of inpatient and outpatient experience, I need to express serious concerns regarding BCs mental status. People subjected to tremendous stress, a need to fulfill contracts and prove himself professionally, w seeming low self esteem, an apparent severe anxiety disorder, constant harrassment/threats, difficulty making decisions and a tendency towards co-dependence, over a long period of time, could become delusional, creating in his mind that which he believes will please the source of the stress in order to relieve it, ie. a family, children and a happy wife. In other words creating an acute psychotic delusion. When he was performing at LL he was unkempt. He reacted in an unusually agitated manner when insisting to a journalist recently that he loves his family. His eyes at the recent SouthBank Sky awards looked unfocused and vague; his extreme loss of weight and his continual reference to “his boys” when substantial evidence leads us to believe they do not exist. All of this information imo leads me to consider the possibility that he is in fact suffering from an acute psychotic state and may require psychiatric treatment. I say none of these things lightly. Whatever the need I hope he receives appropriate care.

Well, we got leaks about his mental health issues. It seems like he was struggling with that a lot and I can’t begin to imagine the hell HW put him through. So I definitely think that you are on to something and it may get to the point that an intervention will be required. It’s unforgivable to allow Team Soso to keep victimizing him in plain sight. I will add that there are many eyes on everyone involved now… 

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