“I’m going home to my boys”

Video of Weirdo and Ben exiting the event tonight.

He said “I’m going home to my boys”

She’played the “Am I pregnant? “game again with that dress and the hiding of her stomach with her bag.


Of course they did! Someone mentioned in an IM to me that they are tired of seeing him act like her trained dog. I can’t say I disagree. I can’t wait to hear how it easy was for her, at 40, to get pregnant again. Eye roll. Going for THREE fake kids now, Benedict? Did she finally talk you into buying them on the blackmarket? I mean, at least they won’t end up as sex slaves who are dead once they aren’t useful anymore…but still….

They are ‘his’ because BC’s paid through the nose for this farce, even leasing kids doesn’t come cheap. Why is SoFail even there? Saw the other photos and she looks unfluffed from the front. Baiting is her go-to stunt because she’s so pathetic that she can’t get attention any other way. Remember what the Disney insider said? Why she used a maternity-friendly dress 2 sizes too big @ JLC and then come TLA was back to fitted? She’s literally sucking the life out of BC, he’s aging scary fast and looks like he’s taking too much Ativan. BC should keep mum about the Pilos, it doesn’t help that there is irrefutable proof that SoFail never had kids and strapped on prosthetics to dupe the public. The network that SoFail tried to procure a living prop from has already been outed BTW…


PS: The other HW hooker who could get pregnant lied about dates as well by a month. The US BI wasn’t entirely about SoFail but once she took over thanks to HW BC was screwed…

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