Boarding School Blind

Reader Blind Item: A Brit Actor most well known for playing Americans on TV was horrifically abused at his famously elite boarding school as a barely pubescent kid, he was singled out and tortured psychologically, sexually and physically. One of the abusers in question was a violent sadist, an authority figure and powerful member of government. His activities were covered up by the school for years and continued even after he stopped officially working there. He wasn’t the only one but he was the worst. That abuser fled the country after it got too hot for him and began working in a 3rd world nation with children again “Charitable work” He was investigated in that country for murder. But the case mysteriously collapsed and he got away with it. If you look at this actor’s performances over the years there is a common theme of abuse, gaslighting and stockholm syndrome relationships with manipulative older men running through his role choices. He also, wherever possible, works with female producers, directors and show runners because his relationships with men in authority are so fraught he prefers to collaborate with women. He’s a lot less screwed up than he could be given his history and seems to have finally found a stable and happy life for himself far away from his home country. With the help of his spouse and a good therapist.
Actor: Hugh Dancy (married to Claire Danes)
School: Winchester College (age 13)
Abuser: John Smyth, a British “Queen’s Cousel” (the UK allowed him to start afresh in Zimbabwe)

Maybe BC should talk to HD next time he’s in NYC. HD has the right idea, he is in a real relationship and has a good support system while BC has the exact opposite of that. The more I look at BC’s ‘tells’ the more I suspect that others also ‘experimented’ with him. That would make him especially sympathetic towards child abuse survivors like JR and St. Aubyn…

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