The mugging incident would have made a good kindness blind for Enty. Personally, I think the news is PR. Not saying it didn’t happen but perhaps the story was tweaked to do damage control and further his superhero image. Not to mention the fact that “Sophie Hunter” was mentioned alongside his name in most, if not all, of the articles online. I wonder what she did all the time it was happening? But now it seems she’s part of the “superhero couple”.🙄 6 months is an awfully long time for “news”.


Her only superhuman skill is finding the camera.

LOL! Nah, this is way OTT. It smells of preemptive damage control for something major and it’d make sense to mention SoFail because: “He now is not only giving you money which you funnel to your boyfriend, but the actor even marries you because he is a standup guy who won’t leave his pregnant girlfriend single.”

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