Now we can expect all future interviews to include his recent heroic act. I guess his management decided the South African kidnapping and teaching Monks was getting old. Some new material is needed. Not saying it didn’t happen but there is a reason it’s being talked about now. Don’t think a mugging case takes 6 months to settle.


Exactly my feeling, as well nonny.

Well, I hope it’s true because being in the vicinity of Baker Street and waiting half a year to bring it up makes the whole account highly suspect. If it’s not true or overly embellished they should have brought this up instead:

This actor is B- list. Honestly that is probably his peak for now until he shows he can do some other role. Two months ago he would have been B list. That is how fast you drop in this town. In the eyes of this homeowner though he will always be A-list. The very good looking actor lives next door to a home that caught on fire while the owners were at work. The fire was in the kitchen of the other house and the actor knew that is where the owner of the home kept her dogs crated during the day. The actor called 911 but went over to the house and broke through a french door cutting himself in the process before carrying the two dog crates out to the backyard. It took another five or six minutes for the fire department to arrive and by the time they got there most of the kitchen was destroyed so chances are good the dogs would have died too. Benedict Cumberbatch (revealed by Enty on 2/6/2014)

See PR? Easy peasy ;)…

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