BC: HW’s Goodwill Ambassador

We all know how HW used bribes and failing that, outright threats to virtually enslave others. When one takes all of the evidence into account it becomes clear that was certainly the case with BC. Prior to being purchased by HW BC was focused primarily on his work and wasn’t all that politically involved. That changed but not for the reasons that many think. It is my belief that HW plied him (as he did Colin Firth) with the intimate erm companionship of honeybees (spies/hookers) as well as…substances. The flipside of this and HW’s true intention was to render a charismatic and relatively clean (by industry standards) actor blackmailable. It’s no surprise then that HW saddled BC with SH and that BC’s substance abuse problems were at their very worst during Award Season and up until mid-2015. 

As per numerous sources HW deals in a lot more than movies, the man is quite literally a mobster. Is it any wonder that everything that BC did that was high profile leads right back to HW>Obama>Clinton>Soros, in other words, ‘The Cabal’? Once you think about it his OOC alliance with ‘Red Ed’, missing work to attend Obama’s London talk and the overt emphasis on the Save The Children NGO makes a lot more sense. Why on earth did BC agree to co-produce TCW after everything HW put him through? Same reason. I don’t blame BC entirely however, he became little more than a puppet but one only need to look up to see who’s been pulling his strings…


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