So I see you’re still raging impotently, making medical diagnoses without any qualifications, and critiquing someone else’s odds as a model? The irony of all this is so amazing. Bless you for being such a constant source of amusement and laughter, Adriana. You really are the gift that keeps on giving. (P.S. You berating anyone for not having the looks to be a model is RICH. But, also, the best laugh I’ve had this week!)

You must be, I mean the general public thinks you’re a joke and fetch ain’t happening XD! Learn to read, I didn’t diagnose you SoFail. The people who took care of that only hire the best…in the legal field as well ;). Most models aren’t classically beautiful, in fact some of the most prominent ones look rather unusual but they are at least somewhat attractive. You aren’t, you’re a boring basic bitch, posh milquetoast with no fashion sense or motivation to apply itself to anything save extortion and drug trafficking. 

The John who told us that you were a ‘snoozefest’ was also from NYC btw. Watching you grin idiotically at the paps and stumble drunkenly around RCs while being coached like a fucking toddler by Karon sure is a hoot! Oh and that backward Dior belt buckle? Priceless! I never aspired to be a model, I am not tall but I am well-proportioned and have been called beautiful many times. I could have banked on that easily but unlike you, fame doesn’t appeal to me and neither do designer rags. I do not want to be known for whom I associate with but rather for what I produce and what I do for others…


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